About Me

Eva Ban is an Award winning Editorial, Fashion and Commercial Makeup artist. After finishing High School in Cork, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist and relocated to Dublin, where she began her career and studied in one of The Irelands leading makeup schools. 

After graduating as a Professional Makeup artist, she started working in Irelands prestigious and leading Beauty Salons, which allowed her to gain more  experience and extend her knowledge. She has worked on many editorial and fashion photoshoots, which have been published and featured in magazines, television and music videos both in Ireland and abroad.

'' I believe that we are all unique and different and we need to show it. Show it not by changing our looks completely, but by enhancing of what we have already. My ambition, determination and attention to detail has brought my thoughts of helping other people to become the best version of themselves reality. This is my mission, to draw out  the best version of you ''

                                                                                                  - Eva Ban

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